I’m Pregnant! Again!

I’m Pregnant! Again!

Wow. I feel in such shock and aww that I am writing this post so early on in our Trying to Conceive journey with baby #2. We technically only tried for 3 cycles, and when compared to my first baby which took us 21 months to conceive, this pregnancy came fast! Also, considering I am currently 38 years old. So HA! in the face of all those negative articles I read scaring me into thinking a pregnancy this late in reproductive years would be next to impossible. Not to say I don’t have early on fears. I am very much so terrified of miscarrying this pregnancy, but I am trying to stay positive!

Early pregnancy symptoms

This is the juicy stuff every woman trying to conceive and/or on their ‘two week wait’ want to know. So I did have some very odd symptoms that gave me the “hmmm what is going on here” kind of vibe. The first being my armpits…. they stunk. So a little background to this, with my first pregnancy I had given up aluminum free deodorant days before I found out I was pregnant with Paul and my armpits smelled for MONTHS (gross!). But after a few months I never noticed it again. Until a couple weeks ago, my stinky armpits returned. I really thought that was super odd, as I hadn’t changed deodorants or even opened a new stick.

The other weird symptom I had was ‘phantom feet swelling’, or at least the sensation my feet were swollen. And this started happening at night as I was cooking dinner. I would swear my feet would be swollen when I looked down at them, but when I did they were not swollen.

Those were the very two odd symptoms that I had that initially made me think … could it be???

Stats & Tests

As you can see my BBT (basal body temperature) chart did not warrant a coverline. I am pretty sure I ovulated around the 17th of the month, you can see my temperature spikes almost a degree (F) and then stays high.

Here are my LH test results for around my ovulation day, which I think was the 17th.

About a week later my LH tests started to show a positive again. I was thinking this was yet again another irregular ovulation cycle but it turns out I was pregnant. From what I have read ovulation tests are NOT an accurate prediction of pregnancy, but it does make sense that with pregnancy your hormones can act abnormal hence the positive LH test results.

(please ignore my dusty window) On June 26th (8 days past ovulation) I was just feeling off and decided to take a pregnancy test in the afternoon. Most pregnancy tests will tell you only to test in the morning as your urine is the most concentrated and the tests are better able to pick up the presence of the HCG hormone indicating pregnancy. You really can’t tell in this picture but to the naked eye there is the SLIGHTEST mark of a second line there.

The following day (9 days past ovulation) I took another pregnancy test in the morning and you can really start to see that second line. I kept taking tests each morning through July 2nd, which was when I was expecting to get my period.

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