My Breastfeeding Journey Thus far …

My Breastfeeding Journey Thus far …

In my Vlog I discuss my breastfeeding journey so far as a first time mom with a 7 1/2 month old. Below are links to products and resources I talk about:

A great ‘Breastfeeding basics’ article to check out:

The boppy pillow (tons of cute covers too!)
The Brest Friend pillow is my FAV, and would recommend over the Boppy.
I only bought one box of disposables for easy when traveling to and from doctor appointments. I went with this brand because they were on sale at Target.
I purchased THREE sets of these reusable pads. As I mentioned in my YouTube vlog I would changes these pads after every feeding, but now I only use them overnight.
I bought two Haakaas.
I was fortunate enough to have my breast milk bag stash gifted to me by other mamas but these are the bags I have been using, and I have no issues with them.
I purchased THREE sets of these burp cloths and love them!
This is water bottle I have been using and loving, mostly because it actually FITS in my stroller cup holder.
I only used this product for the first couple weeks, and then I didn’t need it. I also used coconut oil and it worked just as well.

Some of my favorite resources for breastfeeding are:

Check out my YouTube channel where you can find this and other Vlogs!