Baby Led Weaning (Feeding)

Baby Led Weaning (Feeding)

Below is all the BLW gear and resources I talked about in my VLOG, which is also linked below 🙂

The book I use and love!
I have NOT yet read this book, but this is the second BLW book I mentioned that I plan on reading soon….
I use this to make easy to grab foods for baby, like carrots and sweet potatoes

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The drinking glasses we are using for water with Paul’s meals
This is the chair we use for Paul in our kitchen. We also have the IKEA high chair as well.
Paul’s bibs

Jenna Helwig’s website, author of “Baby-Led Feeding”:

American Red Cross’ online class information for baby and infant CPR:

Watch my VLOG that I filmed discussing our journey with Baby Led Weaning with our son Paul: