Weeding the Gardens | Part 2

Weeding the Gardens | Part 2

If you follow me on YouTube, you might have seen my first attempt at weeding all of our gardens. I started small as my time away from the baby and inside is very limited these days, but I was not able to get back to the weeding for an entire month. This summer has just gotten away from me.

I was able to tackle our front flower garden with the assistance of Matt, and over a weekend we pulled all the weeds, laid down some weed killer, and fertilizer. Being late summer it might be a little late for fertilizer and some trimming we did, but we could not stand looking at the mess one second longer.

We also have a “volunteer” pumpkin plant growing in our flower bed this year, which I can only assume is from last year’s jack o’lanterns that the Squirrels tore apart. There are a few pumpkins growing on the vine now which I am honestly excited about. With COVID 19 running rampant around the country I am not sure if we are going to be able to make a first family outing to a pumpkin patch, so our volunteer pumpkin might come in handy this year.

In my vlog, which I will link below, I talk about a ‘pumpkin pedestal’ from Gardeners’ Supply. I bought a three pack of these things for about fifteen USD about three of four years ago. I have used them for melons and spaghetti squash in the garden, and they have been rather helpful at times. Not a necessity but very neat little tool to have. As I am writing this, they are out of stock on Gardeners’ Supply website, but hopefully they come back in stock soon.


Here is a link to my Vlog: