Our Lazy Sunday Traditions | Coffee, Eggs, & Sourdough Biscuitsi

Our Lazy Sunday Traditions | Coffee, Eggs, & Sourdough Biscuitsi

Sundays are special in our family. It is either the start of the week or the end of a week, depending on how you look at it. In our house we are usually always home on sundays, with no morning errands or appointments.

I like to take some time, preferably outside on the deck, with my coffee and the local sunday paper. Unwind. Recharge. Though, with a baby in the mix I don’t always get the same relaxation quiet time that I used to, but I do have the joy of sharing the time with my baby.

Our sundays usually, hopefully, start with a later than normal wakeup time, and a large sunday breakfast. The large CrackerBarrel kind of breakfast, that makes you want to skip lunch. Usually these breakfasts always involve eggs, a meat of some kind, and of course CARBS. This week I wanted to try out a new Sourdough discard recipe in the form of biscuits.

I have seen a lot of people on Pinterest using sourdough discards in their biscuits and loving the results. The sourdough being sour would logically be a replacement for something else sour like buttermilk, and everyone loves a good buttermilk biscuits. I found a lot of recipes for sourdough biscuits but opted to go with a King Arthur recipe because I have had good success with their recipe and they provide weight measurements of ingredients which I prefer

Below is a link to the original recipe I used:


Of course I couldn’t follow the recipe to a T, I rarely do, and I made the following “tweaks”. This recipe is pretty basic but calls for AP flour, baking powder, and salt. Any time I see those three ingredients in a baked good my mind instantly wants to use Self Rising Flour as a substitute, because;

  1. Its a great use for Self Rising Flour
  2. Less steps
  3. Less measuring
  4. Less measuring cups/spoons to wash
  5. [I am lazy]

So, I replaced the flour one for one with Self Rising flour. I then added 1 teaspoon of baking powder just to make sure there was enough lift. And in hindsight I wish I had added just a pinch of salt as well.

The other change I did was I cut my biscuits into squares using my bench scraper, rather than cut them with 2 inch biscuit cutters as the recipe states. I find this method just easier frankly, and then there is no rerolling of scraps.

After the biscuits were cut, I placed them on a silicon baking sheet but parchment would work as well, and then I covered each with an egg wash. This step is not necessary but the egg will give your biscuits that shiny sheen on top that I enjoy, as well as a more golden color than if left out. Again totally optional.

These biscuits were great! Super easy. Fast. I have already added the recipe to my collection and will definitely be making them again. You can do so many things with this basic recipe, such as a savory version with cheddar cheese and green onions. Or adding a tablespoon or so of sugar and using them for strawberry short cakes. Yum and Yum!

Watch my sunday morning Vlog, where I take you along with me: