Getting Pregnant at 37 years old

Getting Pregnant at 37 years old

My husband and I made the decision to have kids two summers ago, and thus began my 22 month journey to get pregnant. I naively thought we would be pregnant right away, and I was very mistaken. My TTC (trying to conceive journey) took us to three different doctor offices and too many negative pregnancy tests to count.

My ‘always the student’ brain wanted to know why it was taking so long. So began the greatest research project of my life. Starting with basic high school biology and female anatomy that had just left my brain over the years or I was never taught. I read a lot of blogs, books, and listened to podcasts on female fertility and what sometimes goes wrong.

Here are some of the books that I devoured:

If you watch my YouTube video linked below, you will hear me mention how I tested myself DAILY. I took my temperature daily with a gadget called the Ava bracelet as well as an inexpensive ovulation thermometer. Below is a link to the thermometer I used:

My cycle was all over the place and unfortunately was not a reliable way to figure out when I would ovulate. Because of this I decided to use an ovulation strip test every morning, and then twice a day when I thought I was getting close to ovulation. Below is a link on amazon to the LH strips I used:

watch my TTC journey vlog: