Mountain Mural

Mountain Mural

One of the things I absolutely love about where we live is the Blue Ridge mountains always in the near distant view. I find them so peaceful and calming. In fact I have tortured my husband by having mountain themed decor all throughout our home. So, when I decided to redecorate our guest rooms I knew I wanted one of them to be Blue Ridge mountain themed.

After doing a few Pinterest searches I got the inspiration to paint an accent wall with a mountain themed mural. I am absolutely thrilled with the way it turned out, and over all it wasn’t too difficult to accomplish.

Step 1 – Sketch out your design

Blank canvas! or the “before” picture

Identify which wall you want to be the accent wall with the mountain mural. This took me way longer that normal. I really only had two walls to choose from based on the layout.

The next thing I did was sketch out my design. Of course I neglected to take a picture of this step, but what I did was take a ruler and grid out my wall in 18 x 18 inch boxes with a light handled pencil. This step may not be necessary for everyone, but I found the grid helped me draw the mountains easier and more “uniform”.

After my pencil grid was drawn on the accent wall I created multiple squiggly lines that would ultimately be my mountain range. You can look to Pinterest or google searches for beautiful pictures of mountain ranges for inspiration. I actually used a brochure I had for the Skyline Drive showing the gorgeous Blue Ridge mountains up here in NorthWestern Virginia.

Step 2 – Paint the base color

Base color painted

After you have your pencil drawn mountain range as a guide, you will want to paint the base color. I chose a neutral sand color so it would not distract from the blues of the mountains.

To me this was the most boring step, but I did it first to mostly get it out of the way. All the other walls were painted in two coats, and I painted the same neutral color from the top of the soon to be mountain range to the ceiling.

Step 3 – Start filling in the mountains

Filling in the mountains.

I actually painted all these mountain range variations from just two paint colors. I started first with my lightest blue at the top of the mountain range, and my darkest blue at the bottom of the mountain range (as seen in the picture). Then I began mixing the paint colors to paint the mountain ranges in between.

I have to say I might not do this method again as the color mixing was a lot more challenging than I expected. I ended up wasting a lot of paint because my mixed color was just not right, and I would have to start a new cup of mixed paint. However, if I had bought a bunch of different colors from the paint store that quickly would have blown my project budget.

Finished Product!

My masterpiece completed!

I have to say, this was a LOT of work but in the end I am so happy with the results. I purchased a mountain themed bedspread and accessories online to finish off the room, and its ready for some overnight guests!